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Truc Mai Music House

Truc Mai Music House

Truc Mai Music House is a ideal place, where you can come, enjoy and find your passion with very unique traditional musical instruments of Vietnam.

Our Customers

Greg, Debbi & Boar Boje

This is absolutely a highlight!

Thank you for letting us into your music house and showing us these unique instruments. We feel like this is a new side of Vietnam we have  not seen yet. Thsnk you for showing us your culture. This is absolutely a highlight! I love your appreciation of your heritage and the means that you are reaching future generations. Truly special ans a lasting memory… brilliant & beautiful.

Reviewed 25/10/2019

Pippa Leroux

This was such a unique and truly memorable concert by an extraordinary gifted a talented family. Thank you for a wonderful performance!

Reviewed 25/10/2019

Candy & John Henesary


Thank you for sharing the wonderful talent of your family. Amazing never seen instruments like this before. Be well!

Reviewed 25/10/2019

Ann & Fleming (Denmark)

Thank you very much for this amazing moment of beautiful ! We are greatful for your showing us your talents exceptional instruments.

Many thanks and love and greeting from Ann & Fleming, Denmark

Reviewed 26/09/2019

Petra & Uli

We feel so honoured to visit your music house and to listen to this ancient music with these authentic instruments into a different world. Thank you so much for sharing your culture for precious moments.

Reviewed 25/05/2019

R. Burkart

Eine wundebare Demonstration der Vietlfalt vietnamesischer Instrumente! Vielen Dank.

Reviewed 28/04/2019